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Have you ever wondered why some gurus , healers, psycho-therapists, religious concepts or even 12 step-groups seem not to work for you,not bringing the wished results, in the individual and specific way that you want to change your life…?

Have you ever thought about the fact that you alone can really be the change you want to see in the world and in your life?

Yes you can: You have all the tools, that you need for the desired outcome inside yourself. This book will explain you in the very detail How you can do these changes in your life with the help of pragmatic tools: Your thoughts, feelings, spoken and written words and actions.

I love you all  and this is the reason why I wrote this book for YOU.

I wrote it for you, and you are the main person, character..to be dealt with in this book:

This book is about You: Your Success, Love, Consciousness, ascension, manifestation, healing and achieving a truly fulfilled happy and joyful life.

It is about Your DNA = Divine Nature Algorithm and your inner TRUTH = Total Reliable Utility To Heal .It is about your True Self and Self-empowerment, Letting go and conscious choice-making.

You are worth it. You are important because by healing yourself you are healing the human collective.

Self-help is the merest tip of the iceberg, this is a book with hidden depths, hidden treasures, of deep meanings and understandings.

A rich diamond-mine of gems for the soul

Have you ever wanted a roadmap or manual for the journey of life, well this book is IT.

Gives you the master-key to Aladdin’s Cave, for the ease of access to higher perspectives in helping you to find with ease your own inner treasure.

In Love and gratitude

Andreas Antero Ahrens

Which Parallel dimension you are in ?


“The essence of “Ascension” explained in a nutshell

Can you imagine: That there are an infinite number of parallel-realities with the corresponding parallel-earth-planes already existing in the Here and Now.

You shift to one of these parallel-realities each and every time that you are changing and attuning your internal vibrational level to a frequency that matches exactly to the resonating vibration of this parallel-reality.”

from (c) Andreas Antero Ahrens  “THE HE(ART) TO BE HAPPY”

Lesser known secrets & facts about Reiki & other forms of energy healing

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Do you want to know more about Reiki and other energy-healing, more than the shallow restricted theoretical things, that you are told in the average Reiki-initiations from average Reiki-Teachers who just left you alone to your own devices ?

Usui Reiki is a Japanese hands-on fairly modern healing technique. This system is attuning to the universal life force energy, also called Ki/Chi :

There are many, varieties of the same energies used for healing. They have just different names and different approaches: Pranic Healing, Chi Kung, etc.

“You possess the ability to tap a bottomless well of physical and psychic energy…. With it, you can harness the magical power of the universe. Yet most of us unknowingly block the flow of this power, and live out our lives not reaching the potential that we could achieve if we only knew how. “~L.V. Carnie, Chi Gung


All the ancient teachings in most ancient writings mentioned this basic life- force- energy, that is canalised for this purpose.

In the essence they all can restore the free flow of life-force energy, heal energy- blockages, are unlimited by all accounts and complimentary with other forms of medicine .

Energy-healing methods in general enable a deeper level of consciousness for feeling the re-connection to all that is and sharing the result of deeper healing with others.

Spiritually it can be described as an opening to SOURCE / universal energy to channel life- force- energy and enhances these energies within the practitioner as wall as in the recipient.


#1 Healers professional physical/psychological/psychic Self Hygiene

Our course “Healers physical/psychological /psychic Self Hygiene”, naturally includes “psychic self defence”.


We have set up this course based on our own long-term experience, from what we have learned from our teachers, seen and heard from many Reiki-practitioners, and other variations of energy-healing techniques.

Many of these ( beginners, advanced and even “masters”) are or have been dragging around energies that do NOT belong to themselves, something that can endanger themselves and their clients.

With easy to learn Psychic-Self Hygiene techniques you are improving YOUR well being as well as that of your clients.


Contact us for information on what would be most appropriate for you & for the details of time, place , group-size , price/ energy exchange.

#2 Advanced healing with Healing Health Touch :

– How can you use Reiki/ Energy-healing in your daily life 24/7 ?

(cooking, water,cosmetics, creativity, procedures, ceremonies, conversation, love,partnership,writing,etc.)

– How can you integrate Reiki/ Energy-healing in your profession ? Are you a teacher, social-worker, musician, hairdresser/barber, singer, actor, physician, nurse, public speaker or elsewhere in the health-care and service industries ?

– Can you “switch off” Reiki/ Energy-healing when I decide not to use it any more?

– What are the “risks”, effects and by-effects of practising Reiki (1,2,3,master)/energy-healing for the practitioner?


– What is a healing crisis?

– Since the years 2000 to 2012 there are a lot of Reiki practitioners wondering about drastic changes happening in their lives since their Reiki-initiations.

How to deal with these often confusing occurrences ?

– What does Reiki/ energy-healing to Love, Relationship, Family (blood-relations)

– What is your Spiritual Family ?

– How can you “pimp up” your Reiki/ Energy-healing with other healing-methods, techniques ?

– Healing the Healers. How to be an aware, balanced, spiritual responsible Reiki-Master ?

Taking complete personal responsibility for all own thought, words, feeling and actions and acknowledging the seriousness of healing oneself and others.

Not taking or accepting complete personal responsibility, can leave someone ungrounded and unbalanced.

Taking energy from others, even draining or manipulating them, or giving to much of ones own life force energy and draining oneself are NOT even worth to be considered as being called “healing”. Apart from that, taking on dis-eased energies form others or even becoming ill as a healer, as the result of not knowing about physical/psychological /psychic Self Hygiene,must not hapen.

– What to expect when you are taking pharmacological prescription drugs and use/learn Reiki ?

– Can you heal your sense of basic trust, even your shadow-aspects ? Why is that important?

– Can Reiki / Energy-healing enable you to be completely without any self-limiting agendas, manipulations or drama? Living only with love, truth, honour and integrity, or is that Reiki-Utopia?

– What has action and reaction, Karma to do with Reiki /Energy-healing ?


Contact us for information on what would be most appropriate for you & for the details of time, place , group-size , price/ energy exchange.

ALL is :energy, frequency & vibration, as Nicola Tesla so beautifully said.

With unconditional love, heart truth and honour, from here all is safe, even driving out the inner daemons.

Once we clear our energy system of blockages and open it, it raises the vibration. letting the chi expand inside and outside of us..

Yours Maia & Andreas

Contact us by Email, for details of where, when, prices/ Energy Exchange Rates, for more information & to make an appointment:heartcloudconsultants@gmail.com

We also still teach:

Reiki : USUI & Karuna

Reiki One: An introduction to the universal life force energy of CHI, and what to expect and learn the basics of energy healing and receive the attunement to the first level, so that you can start expanding your own energy and heal yourself & support friends, family and yourself in the healing process by bringing in and giving them and yourself more energy.

Reiki Two: Attunement to the second level of Reiki, & learning how to use the powerful Reiki symbols enabling you to become a professional practitioner.

Reiki Master/Teacher: Attunement to the third level of Reiki,  enabling you to become a teacher and attune others. and learn how to use the powerful Master symbol, also supporting you develop a much deeper understanding of yourself your healing and the energy within you.

Karuna Reiki : Master / Teacher

ALL are Taught as: One to one or in small groups, it can either be straight Reiki / or we can tailor a combination Reiki & Coaching consultation with you to support you in finding some of your inner keys to balance.



If your only Limits are your beliefs what prevents you from Changing them?


The heART to be Happy Beliefs 3

A portrait-study of your limiting beliefs:

“Choices / Beliefs and your wishes

The thoughts you think and carry on to think are choices, a belief is a thought you keep thinking and a belief-system is a whole construct of pre-designed thought-patterns that was mainly created and passed to you by others and then chosen by you to be the ultimate truth.

Become aware that to utilise your own intelligent questions is in general more important than to follow prefabricated truths from others.

If your only limits are your beliefs what prevents you from changing them?

There is no limit to your capability to learn to know or to listen to your inner source of “just intuitively knowing”.

Everything, every single happening in your life happens because you are making perpetually choices and decisions.”

excerpt from “THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY” by Andreas Antero Ahrens

http://www.amazon.com/author/andreas-antero-ahrens  E-book  “THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY”

Awareness and consciousness are based on your decisions, on choices.

consciousness is choice

“Awareness and consciousness are based on decisions, on choices.

You choose either to expand or to lower your awareness, to raise (Love) or lower (Fear) your vibration.”

excerpt from “THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY” by Andreas Antero Ahrens

http://www.amazon.com/author/andreas-antero-ahrens  E-book  “THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY”

Social conditioning: Competition a fear-based program

competition is a program based on Fear 2

“There is the deceptive concept of competition in our society but be aware, that this is a program of social conditioning and basically it is not a helpful attitude because it is based on fear.”

(and fear-based behaviour is certainly not the “cherry on top” )

excerpt from “THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY” by Andreas Antero Ahrens

http://www.amazon.com/author/andreas-antero-ahrens  E-book  “THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY”

Realising who you REALLY are.

Realising who you really are_ butterfly _The Heart to be Happy

“Realising who you REALLY are is like

evolving from

an aesthetically challenged caterpillar

to a fabulously beautiful butterfly.”

# LOOK UP  to your HIGHER Self.

Andreas Antero Ahrens “THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY”

How to be like Water.The subconscious submarine.

be like water

How to be Like water ?

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”Bruce Lee

To understand that, it is inevitable to understand our own inner attributes of BEING water, not only physically ( about 70% of  cellular mass of our body is based on water) but mainly emotionally and subconsciousness has also metaphorically spoken the “quality” of  water.. Here an excerpt  from my Book “THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY” about this:

In deed it is the power of conscious choice you can use to full-consciously create your own life, your reality on the basis of self-determined actions.

One of the main reasons why people are giving up to improve their life, or to believe in themselves and in their power is their limiting belief-system which is often deeply rooted in their own subconsciousness.

Subconscious“ only means that there is something under the surface that can be brought up or ascends for the purpose of getting full-consciously examined if it is worth to keep, to transform or to let it go.

It is just all about deeper levels of your consciousness, so there is nothing to fear if you bring it up.

Everyone who talks about “ascension” should be aware that it is a holistic process that includes naturally all levels of the consciousness, also the shadow aspects.

If you would see your whole consciousness metaphorically as a house, this shadow aspect would live preferably in the basement or the cellar-room and you could find there also the repressed aspects of your personality especially the famous “skeletons in the closet”.

So let us have a closer look at these universal, cosmic Laws of Attraction, which are the Laws of CREATION, because you are the Creator of your personal, individual reality, you call it your Life-experience.

Have a closer look inside of you what exactly resonates with you.

How do you manifest in your life what you call reality or a beautiful fulfilled life?

You create every event, truly every event in your life, genuinely your entire reality and this you do even when you are not believing or seeing it taking place.

You do not have to believe in manifestation to let it happen. It happens all the time around you. If you don´t do it others will do it.

It is the moment when you ask yourself “What do I want, what do I love to to create”? that the whole process of creation becomes evidently conscious.”   THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY “– Andreas Antero Ahrens