About the Author

His spiritual experiences started already by the age of 7 caused by pneumonia and a surgery that left him with way too many questions, about the pictures, dimensions, cosmology he saw in feverish and visionary dreams.

These gave rise to many questions and he quickly found out that there was no one around him, who could give him any satisfying answers. He learned to read early and started devouring books, but he could not find any adequate answer neither in the available astronomic books nor from any other reliable outside source.

As he says he felt “weird” enough before that, because of his favourite activity in childhood, which was meditating, breathing and being aware for hours at the time in the forest, studying insects and laws of nature .

Through that he found out, that learning to listen in certain ways to mother nature, the true inner nature, the heart and its´ faint voices is a reliable way to find inward peace or even answers.

Since then the mere awareness about this internal knowledge-base stimulated him to ask constantly more questions.

Creativity was one way to find what is possible to do, so he learned primarily in a self-taught way to play drums, Didgeridoo, to paint, draw, engrave, decorate, photograph,and many other creative activities.

Luckily he found good friends in his life with whom he learned Jiu-Jitsu, Kundalini-Yoga, Medical Chi-Kung, drum-voyages, and other spiritual practices. Within this spiritual friendships he shared his experiences with conscious/lucid/dreaming (dream-yoga), Reiki, vegetarian /Ayurvedic /international/healthy cooking, Food as Medicine, Acupressure and many other spiritual proficiencies.

Writing was always something that came naturally, but he never thought to do it in a professional manner, even though the first book he wrote was a diploma-thesis.

After having had several life-changing experiences he emigrated from Germany to Finland with only a bicycle, a couple of travelling bags and a rucksack.

He found himself smoking a 160 years old peace pipe with a descendant of Sitting Bull, forming a friendship and co-creating sweat-lodge-ceremonies.

He realised that he had dreamt about that occurrence already 2 years before it happened, which was the most motivating reason to move to Finland.

He lived and worked there 7 years, learned the finish language and became acquainted with people from more than 40 different countries.

After that he lived also in Italy and Great-Britain.

Being writer, blogger and finally published author of the book “THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY” is only the beginning of another exiting journey.

Most important:

Finding ways of switching life from Fear to Love, from Ego to “who he really was/is” has been a most empowering journey, the beauty of which he now shares with his readers.

Gratitude in general has enhanced every aspect of this journey, all the valuable, lessons, gifts, insights, epiphanic realisations, encounters, teachings and healing he has had in his life, which has enabled him to understand the natural laws of creation and co-creation, and explained all he knew to be true from childhood.

This is the blessings he is sharing with the reader in his book “THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY”.