Free Chapter of my Book”THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY”

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Giving and receiving = Appreciating and Deserving. What if you have no healthy self-worth-feeling?

If you are an honest person and you are feeling that you have always given but never received something back, then there might be a blocking in your capacity of self-worth or in your ability, your degree of allowance of receiving.

Do a personal research within your belief-system or educational upbringing, your relationships, your family, your common thoughts and primarily, your sense of self-worth.

It is maybe more than obvious that there is, perhaps subconsciously, something blocking the natural flow of receiving and deserving.

These causes might be identified by yourself as guilt, shame, false self-image or having been highly manipulated in such a wretched way that life itself does not feel like being allowed to feel worthy and loved.

There might also have been a misconception about the terminology of selfless actions which is often defined by religious institutions, spiritual teachers and cultural settings as doing a service without even being allowed to ask for something back in return.

Consider the possibility to ask The Universe or Source-/ LoveLightEnergy to get a karmic recompense at the earliest opportunity and you are on the safe side of not feeling used or even abused if for example the charity was a scam.

Another example is the concept of altruism in the religious context of “love seeks not its own interests”or the terminology ”disinterested love”.

It is very important to consider the statement of “You should love your neighbour as yourself’” as message that true love and compassion for ourselves is the exemplar of love for others, because only that makes visible the giving and receiving in the whole process of practising true altruism and true equality.

Whatever happened is gone. The past is not where you are heading to. It is NOW your conscious decision to leave all these toxic thoughts, relationships, feelings and circumstances, that have lured you into the believe that “you are a powerless victim”.

Let go. Leave this dreadful place. Do it step by step, thought by thought, feeling by feeling.

You are worth it!


I have shared /given generously and I do deserve and allow myself to receive abundantly now.”

Divine Love-Light Source-Intelligence is guiding my wishes now constructively towards my health, wealth and my genuine fulfilment.”

Are you aware what and how you are giving and sharing ?

You are giving out certain energetic frequencies all the time:

Love-based frequencies,

appreciation, attention, happiness, joy OR

Fear-based frequencies,

aggression, hate, disrespect and the enabling, connected thoughts and feelings for these, so that they are building up a kind of magnetic field or vortex of consciousness around you that is attracting likewise energies and vibrations.

Being here on Earth is a multidimensional life experience and you choose the energies you want to be “tuned in”. It is like being a receiver and sender at the same time.

If this sharing of frequencies is happening unconsciously, subconsciously or full-consciously is not of prime importance. You got into these stages of awareness by your own decision by either giving attention or caring less about them or even by suppressing them.

Awareness and consciousness are based on decisions, on choices.

You choose either to expand or to lower your awareness, to raise (Love) or lower (Fear) your vibration.

If you choose to give loving attention, then you tune in to higher frequencies and you perceive and receive love and appreciation.

By sending out Love and Appreciation you will attract more of it. This is creating the “being in the flow”, an upward spiral of joy and bliss.



The Secret of Co-creation: Everything is created from the INSIDE (YOU) to the OUTSIDE!

If only you would stop to think that the Good you wish for is outside of yourself, then you would realise and see how everything is created from the Inside (You) to the Outside.

This is the secret of creation. Is it appearing too simple to be true?

This realisation alone is conceivably able to stop the urge to control or manipulate the beings and happenings outside of yourself. No begging, arguing, control, fighting for something any-more. Peace of heart and mind. It Is Easy. Let it go.

You will grasp that nobody can withhold your Good, if you disagree. Nobody can give it to you, until you have claimed, called for and agreed with it in your heart-mind-consciousness.

There is of course always a possibility that the outcome of your created wishes will not look exactly like that how your Small Self/Ego initially imagined it.

This is happening because the universal source-intelligence which is in continuous cooperation with your Higher Self wants sometimes to give even bigger or better things/happenings than you might be able to imagine for yourself.

This is the meaning behind the “think big”- philosophy.

If you have had failures, errs and wrongs – it does not matter. It can only result in good outcomes if you realise and acknowledge them as such and then forgive yourself unconditionally and let it go.

Please remember constantly: The past is not the direction where you are heading.

Your better future begins Here and Now with simple steps to simply show up with a new, higher and more positive vibration, attitude, action or behaviour and you will witness miracles enfolding in your life.


This is a free chapter of the book THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY(C) by Andreas Antero Ahrens

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